Sunday, August 17, 2008


In Defence of Chris Collinsworth

Yesterday there was quite a to do on Chris Collinsworth's interview of Kobe Bryant. Conservative bloggers began harshly criticizing Collinsworth as a "liberal NBC announcer." At the bottom of the above link you can find a long list of conservatives who unfairly jump on Collinsworth's case.

I say unfairly because Collinsworth is a conservative. Collinsworth was setting Kobe up to express his patriotism which, I'm sure, reflects Collinsworth's feelings.

In the 18 plus years I've lived in the Cincinnati area I've listened to Collinsworth on WLW radio (home of conservative talks show hosts Bill Cunninghame of Barack HUSSEIN Obama fame and Mike McConnell) and as a sportscaster. Never have I seen or heard of any evidence of liberalism. I once sold Collinsworth a hot dog at a Little League Baseball game. Just a few weeks ago my elbow brushed his shirt at a football scrimmage involving our sons' teams. (I haven't washed my elbow since.)

Collinsworth also generously supports many causes in the Greater Cincinnati/Northen Kentucky area.

Collinsworth earned a law degree in 1991. He knows how to lead a witness, i.e. ask Kobe Bryant the right questions.

Further evidence: Collinsworth calls Keith Olberman a "no talent."

If any of these conservative bloggers would have bothered to check, they would have found that Collinsworth and his wife have donated thousands to Republicans.

I'm deeply disturbed that such respected conservative bloggers as Gatepundit whose post was publicized by Instapundit, Melissa Clouthier, would participate in a free for all mauling with bothering to do what they accuse the MSM of not doing: checking the facts.

Funny how little ole me, who gets about as many hits in a week as some of these guys get in a few minutes knew better. Maybe it's because I actually worked at a newspaper once.

Lots of conservative bloggers owe Chris Collinsworth an apology. And, they should rejoice that an NBC sportscaster pulled out the patriotism of one of the premier sports figures in our country.

P.S. The elbow part was just a joke. Figured I better explain that.

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