Friday, August 29, 2008


Didn't The Dems Have a Convention This Week?

John McCain is a genius. I don't care how high Joe Biden says his own IQ is. Listening to CNN and reading blogs, the Dem convention has already been forgotten. Amazing. All talk if focused on VP pick Sarah Palin.

I love it.

A couple of other thoughts: The Dems better tread lightly. How much experience did Jimmy Carter have when he ran for president? Only a little more than Palin and less executive experience. She's only running for vice-president.

I love it that she's a real woman. She unabashedly admires her husband, loves her kids and isn't bitter. A woman we can all hope our daughters emulate. I hope she can hold onto her enthusiasm.

I totally agree. She is such a "breath of fresh air" which, to me, is a direct contrast to McCain. She may be the smartest thing that his campaign has done thus far. "You go girl!" ;-)
It's the first time I've felt inspired by something political in decades.
It sure was all I could focus on all day yesterday. We all better hang on because it's going to be a crazy couple of months.
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