Saturday, August 09, 2008


Current Events in Pictures

A couple of days ago some of us walked 6 or 7 blocks to eat lunch at Ollie's Trolley in Cincinnati. Ollie has his place covered with various photos inside and some outside. He very obviously supports Barack Hussein Obama for president with pictures, posters, banners, etc. inside and out.

Here's a framed photo of Ollie (if that's his real name) with Obama.

I noticed an interesting juxtaposition however. Elsewhere in the wall was this picture.

Few outside Cincinnati will recognize the guy with Ollie this time. It's radio talk show host Bill Cunningham who ruffled many feathers referring to Barack Hussein Obama as Barack Hussein Obama during a warm up speech for John McCain.

I have a great deal of respect for Cunningham although I don't agree with him 100%. I believe the Barack Hussein Obama incident was greatly exaggerated by the Obama loving press. I'm certain Cunningham would go to the wall for Ollie. Cunningham doesn't strike me as one who has his photo taken with people he doesn't consider a friend.

Across the street from Ollie's stands a sight that warms the heart of every man - a brewery. This one happens to be a Samuel Adams Brewery. Cincinnati's history holds a long line of brewing. Indeed, it made the top ten of America's hard drinking cities.

Saw this calendar in a local mall. Wonder what would happen if the genders were reversed? This type of gender smashing makes me sick.

Finally. I came across this cute, little snapping bike riding a couple of weeks ago. Little and cute really don't describe snapping turtles. How about ill tempered and ugly? I like turtles though. Not sure why. At one point as a kid I had 6 or 8 box turtles for "pets." Box turtles are just the right size and gentle. Snapping turtles will bite! Don't get too close. I've seen snapping turtles so big that I swerved into the other lane in my car because I didn't think it would pass under my car.

Cool photos. I think that turtle is pretty cute. The chicks rule calendar, not so much.
One thing I like about turtles is that since they are so slow you can get close to them easily.
I love turtles too. I grew up along a river, so we used to have huge snapping turtles in our yard. As small children, my little sister and I were so scared of the big snapping turtles that we didn't want to go out into our big back yard. We didn't know just how SLOW snapping turtles are.

Boxers and painters are always fun. My little brother used to grab them when we'd go canoeing. We take them for a ride down the river and then let them go.

There is something about turtles that is inherently cute.

By the way, I love the pictures. The calendar just makes me angry.

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