Friday, August 29, 2008


Ageism and Sexism Abounds On the Left and in the Media

Listening to the TV cable news I hear a litany of "McCain's old, she's a heartbeat from the presidency, what about her kids, she doesn't have enough experience, blah, blah, blah." You'd think McCain was on death's door. He looks pretty healthy to me.

After decades of ranting about women's rights, equal opportunity for women, glass ceilings and more, the media and lefties are throwing out all the typical anti-woman trap they can find. Palin's experience compares well to Obama's and she's running for vice-president not president.

I hear the left throwing out every sexist, agist tidbit they can to try and create doubt in the mind of voters. They are betraying every ideal they claim to have been working for for the past 50 years. The must be scared to death.

It certainly seems as though they are desperate. I absolutely love it! The selection means tons to me on a very personal level. I will write more about it tomorrow. If she is the future of the Republican Party, I'm going nowhere.

Married, loves her husband, mother of five, loves her kids, GOD!! They must be eating anxiety pills like candy by now.

I'm behind this all the way. No doubt where my vote is going.

By the way, did you see Ted Nugent with Glenn Beck yesterday? What a hoot! I'd vote for him!
HA! Ted Nugent. You are sounding like my fiance now. We both grew up in Michigan, so we are all too familiar with Nugent. There are constant rumors of Nugent running for office here. We NEED him! Things just keep getting worse and worse here, and we have no leadership.

Again, I sincerely hope that Palin is the future of the party. I don't ever remember being this excited about a candidate.

I love Ted Nugent. I've seen him interviewed a couple of times. He's a straight shooter in more ways than one.
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