Sunday, July 20, 2008


Women Priests?

Three women are being "ordained" as priests today in Boston.
The move has angered the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston, which has sent out an email to local priests reminding them of Vatican law that women are allowed to have key roles within the church, but cannot become priests.

The Archdiocese says the three women will be automatically excommunicated. Historically, the Vatican's position has been that women cannot become priests because Jesus did not have female apostles.
Dana Reynolds of California, a women consecrated as a bishop in Germany earlier this year, will perform the ceremony.

Reynolds and the others are members of the organization Roman Catholic Womenpriests, holding ordinations for women since 2002. The organization reports 28 women Catholic priests in the United States.

The organization claims its ordinations are valid because its first bishops were ordained by Catholic bishops in good standing. The identity of the bishops is kept secret to protect them from being sanctioned by the Vatican.
Aside from the impossibility of being legitimate Catholic priests, why don't these ladies just start a new denomination? They could follow the road of Martin Luther, John Wesley and many others. I suspect the answer is not that they want to be priests as much as they want to destroy something with which they disagree. Feminist fascism marches on.

This stuff really annoys me. If they disagree with a basic tenet of the Catholic Church, then they shouldn't be Catholics. I think you are right that they just want to destroy something. There are plenty of Protestant denominations that ordain female pastors.

I belong to a Protestant denomination that does not ordain women nor are women in any leadership position over men. The women do not find this burdensome and have a very active, important role in the life of the church. The men and women are not in competition with each other; they complement each other in their roles. I don't understand why people just don't get that things work better that way.
There are probably enough religions out there to suit everyone. Well, almost everyone. Of like I said, start your own. But these women would rather ruin Catholicism for millions of others.

I am a Catholic but not a strongly devout one but I like things the way they are.
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