Monday, July 07, 2008


The Results of Gun Control

England has strict gun control laws. Here are some of the results.
Police have arrested 1,214 people in London during a six-week crackdown on knife crime, Scotland Yard said on Wednesday.

Officers found 528 knives after conducting nearly 27,000 searches during Operation Blunt 2, launched after Boris Johnson was elected London Mayor in May pledging to tackle knife crime in the capital.

Emphasis added
Next they'll be cracking down on wooden club crime or brass knuckle crime. England if fully on the path of becoming a police state.

If someone attacked me with a knife, I'd prefer to be able to defend myself with a gun. A gun takes the physical size aspect out of the conflict. The old Colt 45 wasn't called "The Equalizer" for no reason.

And when all that crime has been taken care of, they'll go after those who throw turnips at each other.
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