Thursday, July 17, 2008


Offshore Drilling

Just a few weeks ago, Barack middle name Obama said there is "no way that allowing offshore drilling would lower gas prices right now. At best you are looking at five years or more down the road." Then, a few days ago, Bush lifts the executive ban on offshore drilling.

Today, in the Cincinnati area, gas prices have dropped 10-20 cents at virtually every station I passed. Plus "Oil futures closed down $5.31 at $129.29 a barrel." After oil had been above $140 a barrel.

Seems that just saying we're going to drill helps. Think what would happen if we really did. Of course, not everyone is happy. One liberal blogger notes, "Aren't we lucky Democrats are in control of Congress?" As in, hopefully Congress won't lift its ban.

I thought the Democrats were for the little guy, the everyday person struggling to get by. Guess not. And "lucky Democrats are in control of Congress?" If you think having what is possibly the worst Congress in the history of our nation is lucky, then we are lucky. What ever happened to The 100 Hour Agenda?

I haven't seen any improvement. They raised minimum wage which was promptly eaten up by increased oil prices and rising cost of living. The Democrats did manage to attain the lowest approval rating ever. The Democrats seem more interested in pleasing as many special interests groups as they can rather than help the average American.

The primary objection to domestic drilling is environmental. Thinking on a global scale, domestic drilling is more desirable than importing. U.S. regulations would not begin to allow pollution such as in Nigeria. Yes, domestic drilling is good environmental policy. Britian has been drilling offshore since the 1970s without catastrophe.

But, like the blogger quoted above, when you have no children, can run out and buy a Prius at whimsy after decades of driving gas guzzlers, and have an income several times the national average, why try to lower gas prices anyway?

Yes, little guy, the Democrats are about you as long they don't have wind generators in their sailing areas, or oil rigs within sight of their beaches and don't need to drive too far to work or the grocery store. And it's OK for the poor of Nigeria to live in squalor as long as the elitist Democrats can sip mai tais on the back patio without a reminder of the hardships that ordinary Americans and, even worse, the rest of the world endures.

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