Friday, July 25, 2008


Obama Stumping for Votes in Europe

Many are criticizing Barack middle name Obama for his travels in Europe. Obviously, many Americans don't understand the importance of all 57 states. I compliment him and invite him to stay there for the next decade or two.

However, I have found it ridiculously hypocritical slightly embarrassing that he didn't speak in the native languages of the countries he has visited. Hopefully, he'll do better with this in Britain.

I can only begin to tell how Obama's speeches in Europe, especially to the useful idiots in Germany, has aroused my feelings for him. Gaining the support of the country which brought us one of the most infamous and murderous madmen in history will certainly sway many American voters to Obama's side.

Indeed, it's much more important Obama visit Europe, and those other places over there, than meaningless destinations such as Arkansas, Hawaii or Alaska which he would actually help govern if he is elected.

Hopefully, more Americans will awaken and realize the great buffoonery vision of Barack middle name Obama.

Hey, tell us how you really feel, man. I think I will hit someone or something the next time I hear that if German citizens could vote in US elections, Obama would win by a landslide. Why does that matter?
I guess I am being rather restrained. Just my nature I suppose. :-)
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