Sunday, July 20, 2008


National Crisis: Starbucks Closing 600 Stores!!

Starbucks has announced it is closing 600 stores and now various municipalities are scrambling to keep the stores open.
In towns as small as Bloomfield, N.M., and metropolises as large as New York, customers and city officials are starting to write letters, place phone calls, circulate petitions and otherwise plead with the coffee giant to change its mind.

"Now that it's going away, we're devastated," said Kate Walker, a facilities manager for SunGard Financial Systems, a software company, who recently learned of a store closing in New York City.

Emphasis added.
Devastated. Wow! Just over a cup of coffee. What would happen if ...., uh, well, nothing else could possibly be this bad.

I suggest some enterprising local entrepreneurs open coffee shops that serve coffee just as good at a lower price, which would not be difficult at all. Of course, it wouldn't be Starbucks. How could the coffee snobs drink coffee that wasn't Starbucks, even if it was just as good or better and cost less?

The new coffee shops could play off the Starbucks mystique and earn geek credit by naming themselves either "Apollo's", or "Hatch's":-)
600 closing. That leaves what, 200,000 left in the United States?
jason - guess I'm not geeky enough. I had to look up you're connection. Battlestar Gallactica of course.

m-g - however many, it's more than we need.
I can hear the hissing already, but I don't like Starbucks' coffee. It tastes burned to me.

The coffee made at home in my Bunn home brewer, Folger's Columbian, is great. When out and about, I drink coffee from Dunkin' Doughnuts. It's pretty darned good coffee.

I used to eat, sleep, and breathe Yuban. I drank it exclusively for decades. But they have destroyed the flavor and aroma somehow. They went "green", you know. It's undrinkable now.
I have found plenty of coffees that are good enough for me on the grocery shelf including Eight O'Clock, White Castle, Folger's, Bob Evans, Kroger's Spotlight brand, John Conti, and Wallingford. Some of those are regional, I believe. Good coffee isn't hard to find.
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