Friday, July 25, 2008


Man Loses $150K For Calling Off Engagement

I've posted occasionally about the unfairness towards men of divorce courts in the U.S. DrHelen addresses the subject subject more frequently than I.

But Patrick at Hurricane Radio has found the mother of all cases.
Men (or women) who decide to get on bended knee: Be warned. You could find yourself on both knees, facing a judge instead of a justice of the peace.

That’s what happened in Florida this week, when a woman was awarded $150,000 after suing her former fiancé for calling off their wedding.
The writer politely adds the "(or women)" but I can guarantee you that that won't be the case.

What's next? Paying damages for breaking a date? How much further into the pit of idiocy can our society descend? A lot further, I'm afraid.

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