Sunday, July 13, 2008


If You Haven't Seen This Video

If you want to see a gun control advocates dream, watch this video. You get to see brutish police slam an tiny old lady to the floor of her own house plus the total lack of respect the New Orleans police have for our constitutional rights.

The Constitution is the highest law of our land. It can't be overlooked just because some police chief says so. It takes an amendment which is a long, involved process.

Hat tip Instapundit.

A few points of note. Number one: two of these incidents involve the St. Tammny Sherriff's Office confiscating guns on boats, so this was more than just the NOPD.

Number two: I doubt this is a gun control advocate's dream, as this entire scenario documents events that took place during a national disaster where media rumors, communications failures, and lack of civilian leadership at all levels combined to cause chaos. Gun control advocates usually encourage some level of control.

Number three: All of these folks look to have reasonable litigation cases against certain law enforcment agencies as well as certain cities/parishes, certain states and certain national governments that provided the environment for these events. While it is difficult, such litigation is necessary to ensure government adherence to its own laws.

Number four: The State of Louisiana already passed laws (mainly because of this video and similar stories) that provided instruction that law abiding citizens cannot have their firearms removed during an event of natural disaster. But still, it would be a good idea to keep your registrations and ID's handy just in case - and try to keep the guns somewhere other than in your hands when speaking to agitated police and resuce personell.

Number five: Yeah it looks brutal, but anyone carrying a gun in their hands in a confrontation with the police will get taken down. Remember at the time the conventional wisdom was that folks were shooting at rescue helicopters (they weren't), anyone could have made a similar decision under such conditions.
OK, so I overstated my case.

However, conventional wisdom is a poor reason to take such action, especially when it comes to police forcing their way into people's homes and violating their constitutional rights. If you have evidence a person is shooting at helicopters, then arrest that person. Indeed, this is a backhanded way of blaming the media that spread that convetional "wisdom."

That fact that it wasn't just NOPD makes it worse. Wholesale rights violations by the people supposed to be protecting them.
Conventional wisdom is a poor reason, but it is a reason. I also don't think the media were creating as much as repeating rumors that were already present on the ground.

Going into homes had more to do with orders to evacuate the city. Not that such could pass constitutional muster, but that's why they were there. (And such actions, by themselves, angered even more people than the confiscations did).

As for the one instance, when arguing with the police, it is far better to do so without a gun in your hand.
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