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More On the Ignorant and Racist

Ari Kaufman wrote an insightful article in Pajamas Media today.
On Tuesday, Washington Post associate editor Kevin Merida published a front page article ostensibly decrying racisim in Indiana and elsewhere based upon spurious evidence. Merida, an African-American and author of a 2007 book that was fiercely critical of Justice Clarence Thomas, displayed subjective journalism at its finest with this “news” story. He also revealed an agenda on the part of the mainstream media — used the following day by Ruben Navarrette of — to demean and label as “racist” anyone not voting for Obama.
The liberal politicians and their supporters love perpetuate the racism portrayal because it garners votes while they do nothing. This is on method they use to maintain control over the masses. In "State of Fear" Michael Crichton's theme is "that political, legal, and media elites deliberately induce a state of unreasonable fear in the general population to keep themselves in power." This was also one of the themes in George Orwell's "1984." More and more I believe this to be true. It certainly brings a rational explanation to many of the otherwise puzzling actions of "political, legal, and media elites."

Ari Kaufman makes another good point.
But as a historian, I can’t help but think America is the least racist nation ever created, in spite of the stain of slavery. Many immigrants I know also concur. They’ll cite European history for ethnic insensitivity, and the racial intolerance in their native lands of the Middle East, Asia, or South America for examples.
One thing I know for sure. My daughter is having her 12th birthday party tonight at her mother's house. It is a sleep over. Of the 10-12 guests 3 are black, 1 is biracial and the others are ignorant white Appalachians. A pretty diverse group.

Of course, it's more important for politicians to portray our country as sick and ignore just how healthy it really is. This attitude is apparent in the economy also. We would have loved to have this economy in the 1970s. I wrote recently how small towns share a diversity rarely seen in large cities. But the elitists love to look down their collective noses at the country bumpkins in order to satisfy their own egos. While, in the words on a commenter at Kaufman's post:
Despite all evidence showing America is not racist and their beloved Eurabia is as racist as anywhere, the Dems blame America if Obama loses, not his horrific, naive politics. They’re insulting to me, and to all Americans.

But latte libs do NOT live in America. They live in their rich suburbs where no blacks are allowed, so thus, they gobble up this garbage as they bow to profs, NY Times writers and WaPo lying racial dividers.
Sounds like most latte libs I know. Having spent the last 18 years in a small town after living my first 39 years in a fairly large city, small towns win hand down.

Read the comments to Kaufman's article. Lots of good insight.

Hat tip to Instapundit

What a great strategy for our first black Presidential candidate: you're racist if you don't vote for me. I'm worried about the number of people who believe that and will vote that way.
I don't think it will be a very effective but I do think there will be some liberal voters who will believe it and vote that way. The overall impact of this approach will hurt race relations more than help.
You know, I travel a lot for work. Those who speak (rant) of racism, etc., I mainly read about or see on TV. I live in the mid-Atlantic coastal area. The south.

Let's be fair, let's be honest. It's a black and white thing, that they speak of. Outside of Detroit (where the auto jobs led them to go)I would have to say most blacks still live in the south. In my travels around this country, I don't see whites and blacks hanging out together all that much. Not as much as in the south.
All across this country, mainly east of the Mississippi and around the Great Lakes, there are sections of cities, whole cities, that were settled by ethnic groups.
Every decent sized city has a "little Israel", a "Chinatown", on and on.

The civil war has been over for 140 + years. But people up north, etc. still make as much fun of the south and the southern accent, ALL the people, etc. as I can ever remember. I hear it all the time when I travel.

Libs are full of crap, long and short. The few who rant and rave are indeed keeping the division going. It does keep them in power.
Jackson and Sharpton are millionaires. How did they get wealthy? They don't run companies that make products we all wish to buy. They don't build anything.

How do I say this?.... The countries in Africa, are civilizations much older than most. Where people have lived for eons. Are there nations any poorer? Nations where there is more unrest, more mass murder than on that continent? Nations that are forever less able to pull themselves up and succeed? Why is that? Many christian missionaries go there and try their best to help. So very few of them are black. Why is that? Perhaps if there were more photo ops available, maybe Jackson and Sharpton would go.

These are questions that bother me. These are my own thoughts, no one else. Just in case anyone rants at you, dadvocate.
br549 - I agree with your comments. I lived my first 38 years in the South. I now live in Ohio. The rural people don't make fun of my accent but for a while some people at work teased me.

I've met several New Yorkers over the years who absolutely felt the South was full of backwood rednecks. Most of their "knowledge" of the South is from TV and movie stereotypes.

One of the reasons for Africa's problems is the hundreds of years of tribal conflict continuing to play itself out. As a newer nation, the U.S. doesn't have all this bad history. But Sharpton and Jackson are holding on to what bad history there is, creating and perpetuating conflict. If this continues we, as a nation, will suffer rather than benefit.
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