Thursday, May 01, 2008


More Encourging Diesel and Biodiesel News

I've written about biodiesel before. A few items came up that piqued my interest again. Thinking about buying a car in the next year, I looked up the Volkswagen Jetta TDI because they get great mileage and I drive a lot.

The diesel Jetta TDI gets an EPA mileage 35/42 mpg city/highway. But the interesting tidbit I came across was this:
More than half the new cars sold in Europe are diesels including luxury vehicles and sports sedans better known for flat-out performance.
Of course, as usual, we're dragging our feet over here.

Another surprising bit of info was this comparison of a diesel SUV and a hybrid SUV.
Also, in the all important fuel economy category, the diesel pulled decisively ahead, at one point returning 26 mpg during a stretch of highway driving where the Tahoe could "only" eke out a 21.9 figure over that same stretch.
A much simpler diesel out does the hybrid which has all the fancy electronics and environment threatening batteries. Plus, at this point, hybrids are not cost effective and leave a larger carbon footprint than standard vehicles when manufacturing and materials are figured in.

Plus, more information on how algae can be used to produce biodiesel fuel at a lower cost than petroleum based gasoline and diesel. The capability to produce all our vehicle fuel needs with algae produced biediesel is well withing our reach without using any current cropland. Algae farms/factories can be built in deserts and other places with plenty of sunshine.

Now if our Senators and Congress persons would get off their butts and actually do something other than make stupid climate change ads. Guess what, Nancy, you're supposed to be a leader and you ain't done squat.

Check out
Last year, intoxicated with her new power as House Speaker, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco) declared that she and her gang of Democrats who'd just taken over the Congress would do something about the price of gas hitting $3 per gallon. And they have. This summer, regular gasoline may top $4.50 per gallon. (Diesel fuel is almost there now and in pricey San Francisco gas may already be at four-fifty.)

I snicker when I see Democrat politicians and my neighbors who voted 'em into power whining about the price of gasoline. Remember when the same people were suggesting that the price of gas in America was too cheap, that the government should impose a 50-cent rise on the price of gas annually? Wasn't there a lot of talk like that, especially from Democrat legislators and their policy wonks, starting about the time four or five years ago -- whenever it was when gas rose to two bucks per gallon? I'd say those Democrats should be rejoicing not whining because they're getting the very price rises they were wishing for!

(There's just no pleasing some people. Sheesh.)
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