Sunday, May 25, 2008


Maxine Waters Threatens to Nationalize Oil Companies

This video is in a lot of blogs but it is worth posting again as a warning to us all of some liberal Democrats' intentions. I say "some" because, as AC Kleinheider points out that Steve Cohen's body language shows he wants no part of it. As does the woman sitting on the far side of him. If you look closely the blond woman appears to be hiding a laugh at Water's suggestion.

If you're stupid enough to think for a second that government run oil companies would be an improvement, think DMV, food stamp office, IRS, Corp of Engineers and Katrina or any other "responsive" government agency you must deal with.

My other question concerning liberal Democrats and oil is this: both Barack middle name Obama and Hillary have proposed a higher tax on oil company profits. How is increasing the cost of doing business for the oil companies going to lower prices at the gas pump?

Companies don't pay taxes, consumers pay taxes.

We will uhh....ummm...uh... take over.

Her delivery is as bad as her message.
Looks like she was serious though, eh? Seems the dems are sre in fact interested. Look out communism, here we come.
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