Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Man-Made Global Warming - Or Not

National Geographic has an article on the "Drying of the West." One of the interesting aspects of it, at this moment, apparently none of it can be attributed to global warming. Scientists have found ample evidence in tree rings showing that the 20th century was the wettest century in that part of the world for the last 1,000 years.
In fact, the tree rings testified that in the centuries before Europeans settled the Southwest, the Colorado basin repeatedly experienced droughts more severe and protracted than any since then. During one 13-year megadrought in the 12th century, the flow in the river averaged around 12 million acre-feet, 80 percent of the average flow during the 20th century and considerably less than is taken out of it for human use today.
Of course, National Geographic can't avoid pulling global warming into the discussion. "Unfortunately, global warming could make things even uglier." Including this quote by "Pat Mulroy, head of the Southern Nevada Water Authority. 'It's like the impact of global warming fell on us overnight."'" But, wait! It's not attributed to global warming yet! Indeed, the article makes me wonder how much we don't know yet about normal climate cycles and changes that occur without any impetus from mankind.

The Colorado River basin suffered catastrophic droughts over 700 years ago when the impact of man was nil. At the least this should give us cause for reflection on the popularized notion of man-made global warming. Remember, cows create more "greenhouse gases that contributes more to global warming than the entire world transportation sector,..." yet all we do is focus on cars and trucks.

Not sure how things are where you live, but tonight, in Michigan, almost the entire state is under a frost-freeze advisory. That may be normal for the end of March, but pretty much unheard of at the end of May. In fact, common wisdom is that it is safe to plant most anything after Memorial Day.

You gotta love how the Greenies are spinning the harsh winter and cold spring. Have you noticed how it is now "climate change" rather than "Global Warming"? I've noticed it the last few months. Nothing like covering your butt for pretty much any occasion.

Yeah, "climate change" pretty much covers everything, including one's butt. And, the climate's going to change no matter what.

It's been cooler than normal in southern Ohio too. I've had to use my heat at night up until 4-5 days ago. I could have used it the last 2 nights but I just stayed under warm blankets.
When I was a kid, the sun was definitely yellow. It looks almost white now. Some of the latest I have been reading and watching, show the entire solar system is heating up, not just the earth.

Scientists are all over the bloody map these days. I wish they'd form a consensus, or find something else to do. Christ, we were "dinosaured" to death for years, and then they turned to this. Funny, the earth has always been warmer, then colder, then warmer, etc. For eons. This is the first time it is man's fault. I am waiting for them to get back on the evolutionary thing again. But if one study's it, there are missing links not just in man, but nearly every species. There seems to be an abrupt missing link, and then continuation. However, animals, etc. are different. The species that have been alive over the entire time (crocs and alligators), however, have not changed - er, evolved, excuse me, according to scientific shows and writings. I had no idea the later dinosaurs had feathers until just a couple years ago. Neither did scientists. But they had to do something, after saying dinosaurs evolved into birds. They gave them feathers!

By the way, I love the "junk science" web site.
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