Sunday, May 25, 2008


Let Me Be the First....

to blame the earthquakes in China on global warming climate change. As anyone familiar with elementary science, matter usually contracts when colder and expands when heated. (H20 being the major exception.) China suffered it's coldest winter in 100 years. Now there have been catastrophic earthquakes.

I'm no more of a scientist than Al Gore but, certainly these earthquakes can be blamed on the more extreme contraction and expansion of the Earth due to global warming climate change. I'm amazed that more global warming climate change alarmists haven't picked up on this.

According to one of our dali llama / movie star/geologists, it was karma that caused the earthquakes. Plate tectonics had nothing to do with it.

Who'd of guessed?
Well, shucks! I thought I was on to something.
Sorry to burst your bubble.... but I had a co-worker who explained to me several days ago that the earthquakes are a results of the melting polar icecaps reducing their weight on the plates that make up the Earth's crust thus causing them to shift more violently.

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