Monday, May 19, 2008


Hillary Speaks

Hillary Clinton spoke in Maysville, KY today anticipating a big victory in Kentucky's primary tomorrow. Maysville has received a lot of attention from the Clintons. Last March, Bill Clinton spoke at the Mason County High School Field House.

Hillary only got to speak at the old Maysville High School gym. Now used as the Mason County High School girls' gym. I can only surmise that this is another case of sexism that Hillary has had to endure. Of course, if Barack middle name Obama spoke there, it would have been a case of racism.

And so it goes. The most important element of the Democratic primary is not the issues or what is best for our country but whether you're racist or sexist. Vote for Barack middle name Obama and you're sexist. Vote for Hillary and you're racist. I think I'll vote for McCain and kill two birds with one stone.

Here's some of the remains of Hillary's speech.Like all other political speeches, mostly a bunch of garbage. I must admit, I admire Hillary's perseverance. It's much more admirable than Barack middle name Obama's whining about treatment of his wife, his middle name, his connections with questionable persons, about nearly everything.

If Barack middle name Obama wins, he won't be declared the winner. He'll be declared the whiner. When Barack middle name Obama appears on Saturday Night Live, they'll have to resurrect The Whiners so he can display his greatest talent.

(Picture taken later the same day as the speech.)

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