Sunday, May 11, 2008


Kern's Bread

Food City is bringing back a regional favorite - Kern's Bread. Some of my fondest childhood memories involve Kern's Bread.

In 1956, I attended a small private kindergarten on Sevier Ave. in Knoxville. Kern's Bakery was around the corner in what is now the Sara Lee Bakeries at 2110 Chapman Highway. The kindergarten playground behind the old house which the kindergarten was in was across a side street from the side of the bakery.

Every day at kindergarten I could smell the delicious aroma of baking bread. Kern's had a miniature Merry-Go-Round on a trailer which they would haul to birthday parties and other events where they would give kids rides and hand out small loves of bread.

Smelling the baking bread almost daily for an entire school year, I develop a love for bread which lasts to this day. I have a breadmaker which I use fairly regularly. And, it's all thanks to Kern's Bakeries.

Hat tip to Instapundit.

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