Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Dissing Appalachians

At least a couple of liberal bloggers have gotten their ire up over other lefties dissing Appalachians in West Virginia and Kentucky. Why does this come as a surprise to them?

From the "drag a $100 bill through a trailer park" comment during the Bill Clinton era to Barack middle name Obama's "antipathy to people who aren't like them" comment, the snobbery of the elitist left towards those they supposedly champion is abundantly apparent.

Curiously, one of the big justifications for the lefties' statements is educational attainment. At both post commenters made an issue of West Virginia having the lowest percentage of population with a bachelor's degree or better of any state in the Union, 16.5%. Comparatively, only 14.3% of blacks in our country have a bachelor's degree or better.

Imagine what the reaction if these elitist lefties spoke as derisively about blacks and justified their words by citing educational attainment statistics. There are at least two liberals/progressives out there who need to rethink some of their associations. It appears they are just beginning to realize just how bigoted the left is.

Well, the authors of The Bell Curve did not speak "derisively about blacks" but they did cite educational attainment statistics among other things and because they lacked membership in all the politically correct leftist circles, hordes of self-styled liberals and "progressives" of all skin colors, including those of a deep shade of guilty liberal conscience, conducted a vicious, no-lie-left-untold lynching of those authors in the electronic and print media.

So far, the elitist lefties can get away with speaking derisively about blacks (and working-class whites) while "justif[ying] their words by citing educational attainment statistics." The Left has always been bigoted but the Left has cloaked themselves with near-perfect disguises for their bigotry: bigotry posing as anti-bigotry (eg. Sen. Obama, Rev. Wright) and bigotry posing as charity (eg. Margaret Sanger).
The whole premise of the left is "you can't make it on your own - only by electing us, and we take from those who make, and give it to you."

Without that train of thought being perpetrated upon the targeted, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson wouldn't have jobs, much less be multi-millionaires. The dems wouldn't have a base.

Some of the wealthiest individuals ever created by this nation never finished, some never attended, college.

Katy bar the door if everyone in this nation is finally taught how to think instead of what to think.
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