Thursday, May 29, 2008


Court Orders Texas Children Returned

I've been watching the mass round up of the children of the Yearning For Zion Ranch fairly closely. I haven't made any comment up until now because I knew little about the actual going ons at the ranch although I did and do think Texas' handling of the situation was heavy handed at the least.

Now the Texas Supreme Court has ordered all the children returned. I'm not surprised just as I was not surprised at the actions of the social workers who took the children.

In general, social workers are a very self righteous bunch. They believe that what they think should be is absolutely what should be. And, therefore, they feel quite justified in their actions with little regard to rights or what is right.

Considering that social work is usually an easy major in college and the social work students probably fall in the lower half of the intellectual spectrum for college educated persons, social workers often have an inordinate amount of power.

Commonly, "social workers" that perform child protective services chores have only a bachelor's degree, not that persons with MSWs would necessarily be much better. People who enter social work are often on a "mission" to make the world a "better place."

The trouble is when their idea of what should be conflicts with your idea, they always consider their way superior. The Yearning for Zion Ranch case highlights several flaws in social worker mentally.

First, the ranch is based on some form of Christian fundamentalist belief and that's automatically bad. Secondly, part of the belief system had men in a superior position, really, really bad. And they dressed a lot like the Amish.

The social workers claimed to be concerned about under age girls being pregnant. If that's the case (and if it were legal, which fortunately it is not) they need to start raiding urban housing projects, rural Appalachian communities and a few places in Indiana. But fundamentalist Christian sects make easier targets. (Some teen pregnancy statistics HERE and HERE.)

Texas has 28,140 for girls 15-17 years old for 2004 - 10% of all pregnancies for that age group nationwide. It seems these social workers have plenty of work to do without violating the Constitutional rights of people at the ranch. Some of those "children" put in foster care were actually adults. Can you say "unlawful imprisonment?"

I found it hugely ironic to watch the liberal media, Nancy Grace in particular, ride this story into the ground. While they support gay marriage, gay adoption, gay parenting and such, the idea of a polygamist household was horrific to them. In principle, I find polygamy no more offensive than gay marriage. If they are consenting adults....

I also can't help but think, "Maybe this is the village Hillary Clinton was talking about." Of course, it's not. It's not a liberal utopia with all the desired "diversity" and men are in control. Horrors!

This is not to say there may be some wrong doing at the ranch. But, as with the child molestation problems with the Catholic church priests, you don't just wholesale round up everyone, you go after the law breakers. But these social workers, bastions of liberalism, prefer totalitarian tactics.

I'd hafta say, you figures on teen preggers are pretty astounding in Texas, but also apples and oranges, IMHO. There is a difference between a buncha kids foolin' around making future generations of convenience store cashiers... And a large group of adult men arranging to take the first buds off the vine.

That being said, yeah, I have no good opinion of child protective services, and when my ex and I had a run-in with them 12 years ago in Chicago, I doubt seriously if the social worker had a college edumacation at all...

The thing that always surprises me when one of these stings comes through, is what the higher ups are thinking... They have to know if it doesn't go off without a hitch, they will be crucified on public opinion. Catch-22 always is, if you tip your hands, the bad guys go to ground like their leader Jeffs and you can't find them. So, it becoems a bad swat raid at the wrong address. The original idea seemed good, but on the ground it failed.

Sadly, whatever bad was there, will be thrown out for the bungling... I'm guessin' a 20yr old girl with a 6 year old kid, married to a 35yr old guy? Yeah, we'd call that illegal, but if it happened 6 years ago, it's much harder to prove. Also? the sheer scope of this is hampering everything.

But, you are pretty close to the mark about the super attenuation of the lib. ideal of hitting a cult of old white guys... and nancy grace, makes me ill, usually. Does anyone call that news?
swiss - thanks for your comments.

Here are some figures that show that much of teenage pregnancy in general is not two kids just fooling around.

Men over age 25 fathered twice as many teenage births as did boys under age 18, and men over age 20 fathered five times more births to junior high school-aged girls than did junior high school-aged boys.[2]
hmmm, well I stand corrected... musta been under a rock or something. The paradox seems to be that the law is on the side of those coerced girls without question... if they say the word those guys are in prison. I guess that can only mean that they think they are in love and the guy will stay. I'm sure there are a percentage that do, braving the potential for getting arrested for statutory... ach it's a complex question of what woman is most likely to say something.

I'm sure that DCFS or whatever they are in TX saw the whole thing as a convenient bird on a low branch...
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