Friday, May 16, 2008


Cool and Not Cool

This is pretty cool.
Joshua Packwood knows what it's like to be a minority.

Joshua Packwood, 22, will be the first white valedictorian at the historically black Morehouse College. This weekend he'll be the first white valedictorian to graduate from the historically black, all male Morehouse College in the school's 141-year history.
This is not cool.
Fast-food giant Burger King announced this week that it fired two employees who posted libelous comments to public Web sites about the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW), an organization pressing the company to pay a penny more per pound for tomatoes to boost pay for farmworkers. The company also told the News-Press of Fort Myers, Fla. that it has stopped using an investigative firm to spy on farmworker advocates.
Burger King was paying people to spy on farmworker advocates!? Can it get much more ridiculous than this? They need to focus on making better sandwiches.

As a teenager I loved Burger King. Maybe my tastes have changed but the burgers usually taste as if kept in a warming oven too long and the breaded chicken sandwiches are far too salty. The fish sandwich just ain't what it used to be either.

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