Friday, May 02, 2008


Chris Lofton: Genuine Superstar

I've mentioned Maysville hometown product Chris Lofton many times before. Chris lead Mason County High School to a state championship in Kentucky and led the Tennessee Volunteers to the NCAA Sweet 16. Just when you think you've seen Chris do it all this story comes out.
But Lofton's greatest conquest came off the court.

He beat cancer.

The three-time All-American, in an exclusive interview with, revealed for the first time publicly that he played his senior season at Tennessee after undergoing surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from one of his testicles in March 2007.
I cried more this past year than I have my whole life combined. I cried a river this past year.

--Chris Lofton
He was diagnosed with cancer only a few days after Tennessee ended its 2006-07 season with a Sweet 16 loss to Ohio State in San Antonio.

As one of the hardest working, most humble athletes in the country, Chris earned third team All-America honors while recovering from cancer!

Chris has inspired hundreds of kids in his hometown and doubtless elsewhere. This display of courage and dedication has inspired the rest of us.

God bless you, Chris.

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