Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Beverage Fights Bad Hairstyles

The other day I noticed my son drinking a pop in a dark brown bottle. Looking at the bottle, I was surprised to find that the drink was apparently dedicated to fighting a bad hairstyle from the 1970s. I deduced this from it's name - Frostop which is pronounced fro-stop.

I also noticed that the drink dates from 1926. Afros must have been a fad back then too. Funny how fashion, even bad fashion, repeats itself.

Seriously, I'm not sure exactly why I tend to separate the syllables of words in the wrong spots. My closest guess is that it originates from the phonics training I received when I learned to read.

Phonics are great. You learn to pronounce words you've never seen or heard before. But divide the word improperly or put the emphasis on the wrong syllable and the results can be hilarious. Like pronouncing Atari at-a-ri instead of a-tar-i.

My other guess is I suffer from some sort of dain bramage.

BTW - Frostop is an excellent root beer.

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