Saturday, April 26, 2008



While professers at my alma pater do such things as write a highly respected blog or help create the world's next supercomputer, UGA's professors conducted a shameful protest regarding a Supreme Court justice speaking at UGA's commencement as well as committing sexual harassment.
Already this year, one professor was placed on administrative leave and another resigned after investigations into allegations of sexual harassment.
Of course, if the Supreme Court judge was a liberal black, the protesters would quickly be labeled racist.

Whatta 'bout dem Dawgs!

Disclaimer: The preceding is based on actual events but intended to disgruntle certain UGA alumni, especially one named Patrick. :-)


This is what happens when you have a quack for a President like ours. I was recently reading the UGA student newspaper about how the Empire will be handling sexual harassment cases in the future (because we didn't already have a system in place that had worked for quite some time...). It sounds like quackery designed to create three new cushy university jobs and do little to combat any real sexual harassment issues.


But if you really want to hear what's going on in Athens - you can click here.
UG's a fine school. Good university presidents seem to be hard to find. UT's had a couple of losers lately.

The Overheard page is funny. Little snippets of life that expose more than you might think.
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