Monday, April 14, 2008


Ohio Legislator Supports Involuntary Servitude

Sandra Williams (D-Cleveland) (notice the "D") has proposed a law that all parents of children attending public schools be forced to perform 13 hours of "volunteer" work in the school system each year. H. B. No. 519 Sec. 3321.30.B.2 states parents
Perform at least thirteen hours of volunteer service for the district each school year. However, if a student is enrolled in a joint vocational school district, the student's parent may perform any or all of that volunteer service for the joint vocational district rather than for the city, exempted village, or local district in which the student is also enrolled.
I wonder what part of the XIII amendment Williams doesn't understand.

It's increasingly disturbing that politicians and other government types believe they have the right to tell us how to spend our free time, money, what words to use, how and where we can look, etc. In our country government is of, by and for the people, not to oppress and control the people.

Yet another step in the more and more frequent attempts to establish a police state.

Wow. That is really something. I don't guess it will go anywhere, but it sure shows you who to vote for next election!
These people scare me more and more each day.
Thing is, she's on the right track, she's just targeting the wrong group to put time in.

The idea is to get parents more involved with schools. The real answer is to get politicians to see how their actions have real consequences for schools. To this end, I would amend her proposal in the following ways.

1) The requirement isn't in volunteer hours. Participants must be state certified substitute teachers, and -must- spend at least one day every school week at a high-risk public school in the area where they claim residency.

You may think that's too invasive, but here's the kicker:

2) Participants include all local and statewide individuals who hold elected office. This is now a requirement in order to hold elected office.

Not parents. Politicians. Put their asses in the schools their decisions affect and see how they like it without the scrubbing bubbles of photo opportunity. In six months, either every school system would be fixed, or every bad politician would quit their job.

Win. Win.
Pat - I like your proposal. As we've seen in this election cycle, too many politicians have no clue about every day life for normal Americans. This would be a good start.
Be careful of what you wish for. Cousin Pat's scheme will simply ensure every politician in office is a toady of the government schools teacher's union. (Duh.)

As for Ms. Sandra Williams' plan to revive slavery (yeah, I noticed the 'D' of shame that marked her as part of the pro-slavery party) with the excuse that it might, as cous' supposed, "get parents more involved with schools." Ha! Like slaves ought to get more involved with cotton, eh?

The real school reform will come when compulsory (read: slavery-style) attendance laws are abolished, the bad eggs can stay out of school or be kicked out, and parents start to personally pay for the privilege of having their whelps/brats/kids/darlings (pick one or more) baby-sat/serve seat time/schooled/educated (again, pick one or more).
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