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Why Do So Many Lefties Hate Home Schooling?

Volunteer Voters linked to a post where "homeschooling has been ruled illegal by a California appellate court."
“Parents do not have a constitutional right to home school their children,” wrote Justice H. Walter Croskey in a Feb. 28 opinion signed by the two other members of the district court.
The first comment to this at Volunteer Voters was from LeftWingCracker.
My problem with the home-schoolers is that while one parent is required to have a degree, it does NOT have to be the teaching parent, which is disturbing.

Not only that, how are children going to be exposed to other children WHO MAY NOT BE LIKE THEM? The best thing that ever happened to me was being bussed to a mostly-black Junior high school in Memphis; it changed the way I view people, and for the better.

All one ANYTHING is not necessarily to the good.
Considering the wonderful job our "qualified" teachers have been doing to educate our children, I'm not too concerned about the educational level of the home schooling parent.
In a 2003 study conducted by UNICEF that took the averages from five different international education studies, the researchers ranked the United States No. 18 out of 24 nations in terms of the relative effectiveness of its educational system.

Another prominent 2003 study, the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study, shows a steady decline in the performance of American students from grades 4 to 12 in comparison to their peers in other countries.
"In fourth grade, American kids do above average internationally. By eighth grade, they slip a bit, and by 12th-grade, they've slipped a lot," Marsh said. "We're the only country that slides down that much from fourth to 12th grade."
I know only a few home schooled kids, but I'm certain that they all are performing well above the average for public school kids.

Let's not forget The Constitution itself, precisely the 10th amendement: "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people." Is the power to force kids into public schools in The Constitution? I can't find it. Choice in education is a right reserved "to the people." Of course, vouchers would solve a lot of this problem.

LeftWingCrackers second point of exposing children "to other children WHO MAY NOT BE LIKE THEM" puts the purpose of schools beyond education. LWC has now moved into the realm of indoctrination. Children MUST be exposed to certain others and taught to interact with them according to our specifications. Typical left wing desire to brainwash the kids which they then vehemently deny.

For another good reason to home school read this post of rape on a school bus. It appears the school systems primary concern is covering their own butts.
...there’s nothing more heartwarming than a bunch of powerful men sitting around watching video of something unpleasant happening to a 14 year old girl and then passing judgment in public about whether they think it was traumatic enough to count as rape.
Yeah, these are the people running you public schools, some places at least.

Liberals don't like homeschool because they're afraid of conservatives. So they gotta get the kids away from the parents so they can be indoctrinated properly.

If people hung out with homeschoolers more, they'd see what an ignorant attitude that is. But the homeschoolers that make the news are either the total goofballs (like the fake homeschooling child killer in DC) or the ones that win the spelling bees. And the ones who win the bees probably make them angrier than the killers because homeschooling allows kids to excel and be better at something than other kids.

I know liberal atheist homeschoolers, and ultra-conservative evangelical homeschoolers. Most fall somewhere in between. We are united our desire to provide an engaging, thorough education for our kids. And yes, we are passing on our own values. That's something parents do. That doesn't (necessarily) mean we are sheltering them from other ideas or types of people. In my experience, homeschooled kids are more likely to encounter people who are not like them because they are not trapped in a room with 30 kids just like them all day long.

As for the schoolbus rape - I am surprised and disgusted that I haven't seen more about that; thanks for posting that link.
We homeschooled, and our experience is that many liberals don't know what they're talking about on homeschools--like with everything.

To save typing, here is where we discussed the issue with liberals at another site:

Some accepted it, surprisingly.
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