Saturday, March 08, 2008


Still Snowing But Not A Blizzard, Yet

This 200 plus year old cabin is about a quarter mile down the road from my house.

Beginning yesterday at around 10:00 AM, snow has been falling nearly continuously. Forecasters are predicting an end to the snowfall late this afternoon. The storm hasn't been classified a blizzard yet because wind speeds haven't reached 35 mph. The is possible later today.

Areas west and north of Maysville received higher accumulations. When I left Cincinnati yesterday around 3:00 PM, Cincinnati had 4-6 inches already. When I arrived in Maysville, there was about an inch. This could turn out to be the heaviest snowfall since 22 inches fell on Maysville in 1994.

More pictures HERE.

Absolutely *beautiful* pictures. Thank you for posting them.

That's a 200 year old "cabin"? When it was built it was probably some settler family's abode.

Some of my family is Mormon, and hence I have access to some of the geneological work they've done. I know that I had family in Ohio about the time that cabin was built. They were in Scioto County.
Thanks. When I bought my house about 3 years ago, I needed a new refrigerator. The lady at the local appliance store recognized my address and said her ancestors built the cabin and the stone house.

One of the fascinating aspects of this area are the number of old structures still standing and being used. There are numerous ante-bellum houses still being lived in. I know several people named "Boone" who are related to Daniel Boone in some way or another. It brings history more alive.

I live about 50 miles west of Scioto County. I took several computer classes at Shawnee State University there.

We ended up with about 8 inches of snow here. The Cincinnati area got 10 to 16 inches depending on the location.
Gorgeous! Pain in the neck, I know, but really beautiful to see. Thanks!!!
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