Friday, March 07, 2008


Open Letter to My Congresswoman, Jean Schmidt

Writing for this blog, I regularly discuss bias against males in schools, colleges, government, courts and other institutions. DrHelen posted today on how gender feminist want to start Title IX entitlements to science education although "Women now earn 57 percent of bachelors degrees and 59 percent of masters degrees. According to the Survey of Earned Doctorates, 2006 was the fifth year in a row in which the majority of research Ph.D.’s awarded to U.S. citizens went to women."

In the mean time, boys and young men are being short changed and their lives squandered in an effort to lift up those already on top. I decided to contact my Congresswoman, Jean Schmidt. Below is what I wrote her. I encourage everyone who reads this post to write their Congressperson and/or Senator. Links for your Senators or Congressperson are on the left side of this page below the blog roll. Our children deserve better.
Over the past few years, it has, time and again, come to my attention that males are under represented in colleges, law schools, and medical schools across the country. Males drop out of high school at a much higher rate than females.

As the father of two girls and two boys, I believe it is past time to pay more attention to the fate of boys and young men in our country. Now, I've learned that some, such as Debra Rolison want to apply Title IX to science education. While such efforts to bring equal opportunity to women are laudable, boys and men are being ignored and left behind.

Not only is this grossly unfair to the boys and men of our country, we are squandering the precious human resources they offer our nation. Please initiate action to re-franchise our boys and men in our society.

Thank you.

You shoulda' put in the graduation rates, right after "Title IX to science education." Your congressperson is unlikely IMHO to make the connection. You have to handhold this, because people don't want to know all the numbers at the same time. When you point out that women choose to get a worthless english degree instead of a CS one, the reasons invariably are that the CS department isn't nice enough to them. Oh, yeah? The english department couldn't stand me, and I don't like english, so I didn't get that degree. Should I whine about it now?
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