Saturday, March 22, 2008


The Only Endorsement I Need

Endorsements mean next to nothing to me. For me there is no such thing as a good endorsement unless God came down from the heavens to give His blessing. The only impact endorsements may have on me is if the person endorsing a candidate is reprehensible enough and close enough to the candidate that I begin to question the candidate.

The MSM's obsession with with the recent Bill Richardson endorsement of Barack middle name Obama amuses me. Essentially the left-wing MSM ran numerous promos for Barack middle name Obama when showing the endorsement announcement.

But, there is one endorsement that matters.
Beer drinkers appear more likely to vote for Sen. John McCain in November,...

I would love to see the breakdown of likely voter's candidates based on what brand of beer they buy.

Now, THAT would be a worthy waste of several poli-sci college seniors' time.
Absolutely. How much you wanna bet that Bub/PBR/Miller drinkers go McCain and Sam Adams and other designer beer drinkers go Clinton/Obama?
Sam Adams, maybe, but the microbrew crowd would be pretty split, which is why it would make a far more interesting study.

Microbrewers and beer aficionados are generally far more libertarian than left or right, taking into consideration geography. Such a study may demonstrate the current strength of 1) the current state of the libertarian - Republican coalition and 2) McCain's true electability among independents. Though, I would agree with your suspicions that there would be a mighty undercurrent of Democratic preference among such beer selections as well. True Repbulicans would come in a distant third after the other two, so the overall estimation isn't far off.

I can almost see the Republican stranglehold on Budwieser and Coors product lines, but PBR is a staple among punk cultures, hipster cultures and the old cotton belt counties of the South (that long swath of blue that cuts from Florence, SC to Valdosta, GA and then west to the Mississippi River and then up to Memphis).

Those of us who drink a 'Redneck on Vacation' (PBR can with a lime in it) may turn the Blue Ribbon surprisingly bluer than expected.

Miller products would be a toss up based on sales in the Midwest. Ditto Michelob.

But the Sam Adamses, the Amstel Lights and the Amber Bocks (all highly advertised 'designer' selections) would probably fall quite blue.

I'd fall over laughing, too, when the Corona and Tecate crowd came back overwhelmingly for McCain.
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