Friday, March 21, 2008


Obama's Abomination

Due to several trips to the doctor lately to get my heart checked out, I've not had the time to blog this week. After a stress test, a Myoview stress test and an angiogram, it turns out my heart's in great shape. In the words of the cardiologist, at the age of 56, I have "the heart of a 10 year old." More on that in another post.

Reading the various analysis and reactions to Barack middle name Obama's speech on race provided amusement over the past 5 days. While many effused over Barack middle name Obama's eloquence, the speech fell short.

Obama created more new questions than he answered. I still find it remarkable Obama sat for 20 years and listened to the message of hate spewed by his pastor. 20 years is the key ingredient. I saw on the news today where someone provided a picture of Bill Clinton in which Rev. Wright was present.

So what? Presidents have their pictures made with thousands of people. But, they don't sit and listen to hate speech for 20 years. They don't donate thousands of dollars to support the person spewing the hate speech.

I'm not excited that John McCain accepted John Hagee's endorsement. But, again, John McCain hasn't listened to John Hagee's "milder than Wright" crap for 20 years.

The most comical and sad part of it all is the stuff Barack middle name Obama said about his white honky grandmother during and after the speech. His "typical white person" comment demonstrates just how little Barack middle name Obama really understands about ameliorating the tensions between the races.

Some how, Barack middle name Obama believes he knows more about what it is to be white than he does. "You don't know what it's like to be black." is a favorite catch of some blacks, especially a few that call into the radio talk shows I listen to. Yet, they always, like Barack middle name Obama, know what it is like to be white.

As far as Barack middle name Obama's grandmother's worries about walking down the street, statistically she is more likely to be attacked by a black person than a white. I've noted before that in my nearly 9 years of walking around downtown Cincinnati during lunch, I've had a few blacks behave hostilely toward me and no one else. I've also mentioned that the friendliest people I've met on the street were blacks and there's more of them than the hostile ones.

For Barack middle name Obama to dredge up this image is unfortunate. He holds his personal ignorance out there for all to see. His own attitudes and beliefs interfere with racial progress. Perhaps after listening to Rev. Wright for 20 years, Barack middle name Obama thought he was being kind to whites.

Silly, stupid, ridiculous comments about Obama's speech:

Mirror on America blog: For me, the moment that I began to cry was this:

The moment you start to cry over a political speech, you are certifiably insane. Obama is trying to win the presidency. Like 90% of those in politics, he will say almost anything to win a majority of votes. If there is any place one needs deep seated cynicism, it's when listening to politicians.

Bonnie Erbe on CNN Newsroom:

Well, I would like to say, everybody views the race issue through very different lenses. I do not believe, for example, that white men have a right to tell me from my perspective what is sexist and what is not sexist. And I don't believe, as a white American, that I have a right to tell African-Americans what is racist and what isn't.

So anything a black person says is racist, I must accept? Anything that a woman says is sexist, I must accept? Sorry, don't buy that lack of logic. We must discuss. We must have a dialogue. I'm not willing to give up my autonomy and freedom to some race hustler. Of course, Erbe is a leftie and as such her powers of logic are quite limited.

Glad you got an A-OK on the ticker!
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Me, too! Thanks for the thought.
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