Sunday, March 16, 2008


Is This Where America Is Headed?

"Living on a Thin Line," by The Kinks, was written 1984, the same year as the title of George Orwell's famous, prophetic book, "1984." Was the song just a prophetic. Watch the video and you be the judge.

Thanks to Ramblings of a Misguided Blonde for jogging my memory about this.

Thanks DADvocate. I included the video with the post.

It is getting curiouser and curiouser all of the time.

We need a leader more than ever, and in my opinion, none of the candidates are up for the job.

I am reminded of a line from an old King Crimson song (also a British group) "If we make it, we can all sit back and laugh. But I fear tomorrow I'll be crying."

Too bad there are no more "new worlds" to go to on this planet. I fully understand now what drove the pioneers to chance taking arrows over living among everyone else.
Great song, well done video.
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