Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I Cast My Vote in the Ohio Primary

During the past week or more, I've received a couple of dozen robo-calls leading up to today's Ohio primary. John McCain and Hillary Clinton called me! Barack middle name Obama and his supporters have both called me today! The last time only a few minutes ago. Too bad, I've already voted.

A small irony is that the last call was Americans for Obama, or something like that, telling me anybody can vote in the Democratic primary. The irony is that I already knew that and already voted for Hillary.

My logic is this: Barack middle name Obama has too many unknowns. The NAFTA/Canada thing worries me. His "bomb Iran" remark worries me. I don't like charismatic personalities. Charismatic personalities cause too many people act like idiots. And, Barack middle name Obama has too little experience.

A person's actions are the best predictor of a person's future actions. We haven't seen enough of Barack middle name Obama to dependably predict what his actions most likely be. Politicians will say a lot of things to get votes and Barack middle name Obama is a skilled politician. Thus, I care less about what he says than what he's done. He hasn't done much yet.

Hillary is predictable and dependable. Despite my philosophical differences with her, I don't expect surprises from her. I don't know what to expect from Barack middle name Obama.

All I can say to Barack middle name Obama is become president the old fashioned way, earn it.

Turn out appeared heavy in the little village of Aberdeen where I cast my vote. I usually vote early or in the evening but today I voted late afternoon. Crowds may normally be greater at that time but what I saw was the largest crowd in the voting area I've seen in the 10 years I've lived here. Knowing what I know about the people here, I'm predicting that's good for Hillary.

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