Saturday, March 01, 2008


The Feminized Barack middle name Obama

The other day DrHelen asked Is Obama Feminized?. She asked this question based on a book, The New Feminized Majority. DrHelen concludes
I think the new feminized majority is just another name for the same old socialist agenda. If so, count me out.
As usual, there is much discussion in the comments. But, also as usual, I got to thinking on what "feminine" and its variants mean. How does a "feminine" person act differently than a non-feminine person? How do we act towards a "feminine" person as opposed to how we act towards a non-feminine person?

The one word that jumped out at me was "protective." Stories of over-protective mothers commonly arise in conversation. Over-protective mothers hold legendary status in literature, movies, TV shows, and so on. Often with the over-protectiveness comes domineering, thus the nanny state analogy. The socialist ideals pushed by Barack middle name Obama and his cohorts the government embodiment of an over-protective, domineering mother.

You won't be allowed to do anything that might harm you. You can't smoke, consume trans fatty acids, ride in a car without a seat belt, eat at a restaurant if you weigh too much, or any other potentially harmful activity (except promiscuous sex).

The other side of the protectiveness is that feminine and non-feminine people feel more protective of feminine people. A phenomena illustrated millions of times throughout history. "Women and children first" is a phrase familiar to everyone in our society. "Boys don't hit girls." "Girls Rule, Boys Drool."

Judging from the events of the last week alone, Barack middle name Obama and his entire apostolate embody the feminized. A little known radio talk show host in Cincinnati uses Barack middle name Obama full name and the apostolate goes berserk. They enter into a protective frenzy worthy of the finest over-protective mother. CNN's John King of the over-protective, biased media, began the hysteria at the perceived threat to Barack middle name Obama. Even Barack middle name Obama's over-protective, domineering marital partner entered the fray.

Funny, Hillary Clinton runs an ad that appeals the protective instinct of parents. But the real over-protective, domineering mommies are Barack middle name Obama and his flock of disciples.

I'm all grown up now. I don't need or want an over-protective, domineering mommy government.

P.S. Oh, the "Girls Rule, Boys Drool" bit? Just to show how acceptable in our society it is to insult a masculine person, even a male child. But you're not supposed to use Barack middle name Obama's middle name, what does that say about being feminized?

Girls rule, boys drool - I really wonder about mothers who let their daughters spout this. How does that sound to the brothers and dads and grandpa? If they want their daughters to have happy marriages, why do they allow them to disrespect the boys who will turn into the men they will marry? They think it's cute and funny and don't think about what the words actually say.
My daughter wanted t-shirts a couple of times that had insulting sayings about boys but neither her mother nor I would allow it. She had two older brothers who are pretty good brothers. Although they fuss and tease each other sometimes, she genuinely admires them.

For whatever reason, I rarely look at things in terms of "gender." I find others' interpretations of what it "male" and what is "female" intriguing. Rather that male/female I tend to look at things more on a social class basis, kind of a "snooty" versus "salt of the earth" comparison.

In general, I don't like places or people that put on "airs" of sophistication or superiority.
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