Sunday, March 23, 2008


Big Kid

Today is the day my youngest son became officially bigger than me. My youngest son, who will be 15 next week, and I met my older son at a restaurant for an Easter lunch today. The youngest and I waited in the parking lot. My older son arrived, parked his car and walked towards us. His first words were, "He's taller than you now."

I'm 6' 3" or so. I've shrunk an little over the years. At one point I measured 6' 3.5" in my bare feet. My youngest son and I are about the same weight, 235 lbs. Since he's a well muscled football player, I'm happy with his size and he's still got some growing to do. I'm looking forward to watching him perform on the football field for his remaining three years of high school and maybe beyond. BTW - his GPA is 3.9 and on the way to eat today he told me how easy physics is for him. He says he wants to be a physicist.

Not only do I feel smaller, I feel dumber. :-)

You must be very proud! It sounds like he's going to go far.

My brother is 6'2 at 17 (our Dad is 5'11 and our Mom 5'7) and my boyfriend is 6'4 (I'm only 5'0 due to Turners Syndrome). It is funny having tall men in my life (I don't consider my Dad tall though - average, yes).

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