Sunday, March 16, 2008


Affirmative Action - Concisely and Precisely

During my college career, one professor was fond using the phrase "concisely and precisely." John Rosenberg at Discriminations accomplishes this when he sums up the paradox of affirmative action quite well.
I find it interesting that those who support racial preferences most vociferously also deny most vociferously any suggestion that anyone actually received something of value because of his or her race. They describe as racist the demand for colorblind equality, but they also describe as racist any suggestion that any individual’s success or failure can be attributed to the preferential treatment extended or not extended to that individual’s racial or ethnic group. Finally, they describe as racist any suggestion that the practice of racial preference calls into question the earned accomplishments of members of preferred groups.

its only racist against ethnic minorities, sexist against women.

White men, well they are the problem so any abuse its fine.

i once semi joked, that if you were a Ethnic disabled lesbian, with 3 children, you could get any job ever. Its scary that no one sees the idea of best person for the job, instead of we need a woman we need this minority.
John is about as good as it gets regarding discrimination, hence the title of his blog.
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