Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Local Scenes

High winds roughened up the waters of the normally placid Ohio River the other day. This picture was taken the same day tornadoes hit Memphis and Jackson, Tennessee. The vertical streak is from my car window. I'm crossing a small bridge that spans the creek that runs behind my house and into the Ohio River about a quarter mile past my backyard.

When I was a kid Sunbeam Bakers advertised on a lot of children's shows on TV. I also saw a lot of billboards similar to this one in downtown Cincinnati.

Downtown Cincinnati. I like the sign. 105 rooms and 60 baths. Quite a bit of bathroom sharing going on.

This modest, two seat, I believe, barbershop is the place to get your hair cut in Cincinnati. According to local publications, several big whigs patronize Ferrari's. The barbers look rather old. I doubt they're as fast as the cars.

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