Friday, February 29, 2008


A Message of Hope

How can you not support a man who utters such beautiful words?
I'm going to build a hospital, the biggest that money can buy, and it will belong to you. Any man, woman, or child who is sick or in pain can go through those doors and know that everything will be done for them that man can do. To heal sickness, to ease pain, free - not as a charity but as a right. And it is your right, do you hear me? It is your right. And it is your right that every child should have a complete education. That any man that produces anything can take it to market without paying toll, and no poor man's land or farm can be taxed or taken away from him. And it is the right of the people that they shall not be deprived of hope.
Sounds wonderful, doesn't it? How could you not support this man?

These words weren't uttered by Barack middle name Obama but were spoken by Willie Stark in the 1949 movie, "All The King's Men."

It gives a hint just how long (and longer) politicians have been making these promises and delivering a message of "hope" and how long people have been falling for the same con. One of the greatest weaknesses of democracy is that people fall for this malarkey.

Hat tip to Michael Savage who played this bit from "All The King's Men" on his radio show tonight. Savage may be a mad man at times, but he's also probably the most intelligent person in talk radio today. Visit Michael Savage's website and learn about his fight for free speech versus C.A.I.R.

And from the book of the same name. All about one Huey P. Long, late Governor of Louisiana and one of the seminal populist politicians of his age.

He did build the hospital though, a bunch of new roads where there was only gravel before, one of the longest railway bridges on the planet and he made it easier for folks to get goods to market. Yeah, he had a dark, dark side, to be sure, but he got stuff done that made things better by orders of magnitude round some parts.

That's why, love him or hate him, the Kingfish kept winnin' elections until somebody shot him.

I'm from Georgia, and I specifically remember a guy who ran for governor once promised that every student to carry a 3.0 grade point average could put their college tuition on the state's tab. He won, too, and delivered.

Not all promises are fake. That's what seperates the statesmen from the politicians. Savage may be smart, but using the character named for a governor who actually did come through may not be the best way for him to make a point.
Tennessee has something like the 3.0 GPA for college using the lottery money. I was talking with a college kid about it a couple of weeks ago. He was quite happy.

I think Savage's point was more that Obama's message is not new and has been used for years. Sometimes I can't listen to Savage but other times he's calmer and tells wonderful stories about growing up in New York or where he ate dinner at the night before. He really has a knack for colorful descriptions of people.
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