Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Hillary's Just Plain Weird, But I Might Vote For Her

There is hardly a picture of Hillary published in the news or on TV that, some how, doesn't look just a little weird to me. The other night, not the debate last night, I saw her seated in some sort of discussion with Barack middle name Obama seated across from her.

Whenever Obama spoke, she would look at him with what I suppose she thought was a pleasant but moderately serious face. Her mouth formed a small smile/smirk with the corners slightly turned up. It just didn't look natural. It appeared too posed.

Next time I saw Hillary performing her "mocking Obama" routine where everything was going to be great. A truthful mockery but Hillary couldn't pull it off. Her delivery was stilted, her poses stiff. A good stand-up comedienne could have gotten rolling on the floor laughter from Obama supporters with this material. Hillary created moderate enthusiasm from her own supporters.

Hillary's facial expressions and her tone of voice never seem quite right, never really natural. She's quite the opposite of Obama in this respect. But, I just might vote for her in the upcoming primary.

McCain has the Republican nomination sewn up. Somebody tell Huckabee. A vote for McCain would only be symbolic. Barack "Teflon" Obama is an unknown entity. He speaks in beautiful, inspirational platitudes to his flock. But, he says little of substance.

Obama's short record and limited experience provide little insight into what he might really do as president. His connections with the Nation of Islam, the Mansion scandal, and his heavy backing by Wall Street investment companies worry me.

There's not a nickel's worth of difference between the stated positions of Hillary and Teflon. If a Democrat is to be elected, I'd rather it be a person whose actions we can reasonably predict. That person is Hillary.

I'll vote McCain in the general election unless something major happens.

Personally, I want anyone but Obama. With Hillary, at least we know what to expect.

Of course, I'll be voting McCain.

I'm with you 100%.
Obama truly frightens me. This is mostly due to his personal ties and his early Muslim upbringing. He can say anything he wants, but his ties speak for themselves.
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