Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Does Anyone Believe Hillary Any More?

Speaking in Wisconsin, Hillary claimed she went duck hunting in Arkansas sometime in the past. DrHelen posted on Hillary's use of Saul Alinsky's rules for radicals in communication. Making a few comments myself and reading the other comments, something struck me - no matter what Hillary says regarding her past experiences, the first impulse is not to believe her.

Even liberals and lefties seem to be viewing her with ever more jaundiced eyes. Perhaps this is why Barack Obama has won 10 consecutive primaries. I believe all along the liberals and lefties knew Bill and Hillary were the "notorious prevaricators" we all know they are. But, the liberals and lefties tolerated this because they felt the Clintons represented their best hope.

Now that a charismatic, younger, eloquent man has arisen, the left is abandoning the Clintons with much of the same scorn that right has held towards the Clintons for years. I almost feel sorry for Hillary. Hillary could state, "I remember when Bill and I made love one night under the light of the moon...." and everyone would think, "OK, because we know you have a child, ONE night! But, I bet the moon wasn't out."

I never believed her so it is hard for me to imagine that someone actually once took her seriously.

BTW - I've noticed that you've been checking out my blog. I'd love your feedback.

Maybe I'm a poo head, but I have never anything but contempt for Bill or Hillary.
Oh, what the heck. While I'm at it, I don't trust or believe Obama as far as i can through him.

What has he said of any substance, anyway? Like Paris Hilton is famous for being famous, Obama is famous for saying nothing eloquently.
Obama has "said" very little. What he has said about bombing Iran and now talking with Raul Castro disturbs me, especially the bombing bit. I wonder if enough people will want some substance before they vote.
By the way, I hope you and your kids are well.
The kids and I are doing great. Thanks.
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