Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Barack Teflon Obama

New middle name, more descriptive of the real man. Hillary complained of the preferential treatment Obama receives from the press. He does but it won't help Hillary to complain. The press will just get defensive.

I did hear today on CNN cable that Obama is beginning to take some heat for his connections to Louis Farrakhan and the hate group, Nation of Islam. But, I can't find any obvious evidence of it at at the moment. If Obama is taking heat on that issue, it should be obvious.

Meanwhile, at Volunteer Voters all the moonbats have their panties in a wad over Bill Cunningham's comments but are perfectly willing to gloss over Teflon Obama attending a church whose pastor says a racist, anti-Semitic head of a hate group "epitomizes greatness." I guess this is the "tolerance" that liberals are always talking about.

Ann Althouse has an excellent discussion on how Obama avoided actually saying he rejected Farrakhsn's endorsement.

Oh, I love Rep. John Lewis switching his endorsement from Hillary to Obama. He gives a real nice sounding explanation of his switch. The real reason, he's afraid of losing votes for himself and risking not getting re-elected himself.

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