Thursday, September 20, 2007


Ode to Mary Winkler

DrHelen pointed out an excellent article by Glenn Sacks and Ned Holstein regarding Mary Winkler seeking custody of her children.
A killer shoots his spouse in the back, and then pulls the phone cord out of the jack so the victim can't call 911. As the victim slowly bleeds to death, the killer abducts their three children and flees to another state.

An Amber Alert is declared for the missing children, and the killer is hunted down by police, caught and tried. Were the killer a man, he would be locked away for life. However, this killer is a woman, Mary Winkler. The kid gloves treatment she has received from the legal system demonstrates how courts tilt heavily in favor of women when adjudicating claims of domestic abuse.
Mary Winkler's claims of abuse were largely uncorroborated during the trial. According to the testimony from Matthew Winkler's oldest daughter, Patricia, the dead father – who as he lay dying looked at his wife and asked "why?" – was a good man and did not abuse her mother.

Emphasis added
Many nursery rhymes are based on historical, political or other social events. In that rather satirical spirit I decided to write a rhyme about Mary Winkler.
Poor, little Mary shot her husband in the back
She couldn't give him just a whack..
She watched as he lay there and bled.
Then she grabbed her two kids and fled.

Poor, little Mary, was your husband big and mean?
It's OK that you did this terrible thing.
Oh, Mary, you poor little mistreated daisy,
We can all see he drove you crazy.

Poor, little Mary, it's OK you killed your guy.
No one will ever stop to wonder why
They won't even throw you in the can.
It's fine for a woman to kill a man.
Feel free to copy and distribute this little rhyme. If you want to write one, submit it in the comments and I'll post it if I like it. Please write it to sound like a nursery rhyme, like:
Lizzie Borden took an axe
And gave her mother forty whacks.
And when she saw what she had done
She gave her father forty-one.
I'm tired of rewarding and praising sociopathic women for killing men.


Ode to Glenn Sacks.

There was a triangular man once I heard of...
He says he's Glenn Sacks- did I hear that right?
You google your name and his name as a couple...
And thereby promptly goes your sight.

Your eyes hurt and blink- pain does need super courage,
You can't understand why they give such a flop?
Is that just his Photo, or writing of garbage?
Triangular Man - when your wining will stop?

Consistence and Glenn Sacks - these two have a rub;
You ask him for truth and like horse - he'll gallop;
These simple requests forever he'll snub,
Triangular Man - when your wining will stop?

To call him a man would be like hocus-pocus,
Like April Fouls's joke, anecdote at the top,
He bravely beats women - that only his focus;
Triangular Man - when your wining will stop?

One mom's thrown in jail, while the bum has her kids;
Another one raped, psychopath is on top -
Glenn Sacks runs to help - and he falls and he skids,
Triangular Man - when your wining will stop?

Glenn's their beacon of hope, and their best spokesman,
Abusers' protecting super fast antelope,
He glorifies rape, he's abusers' TRUE fan,
Triangular Man - when your wining will stop?

Truth begs, and truth pleads, and reminds, and cajoles
Glenn - loud, and wide, human-like isotope,
But supplications like these went into the black holes, of
Triangular Man - when your wining will stop?

To make his point here -he claims "corrupt courts";
Next page - his position's bent like periscope;
His "findings" spread; slither, like snakes of all sorts,
Triangular Man - when your wining will stop?

You will live on the streets, for abusers to see,
With all your belongings and "findings" on blacktop,
Some lessons come hard for half-humans, like YE,
Triangular Man- when your wining will stop?

They's throw you breadcrusts and weep at your site;
You will be discarded, like that poor Mop,
You can't change the truth, it will always stay right.
Triangular Man - when your wining will stop?

So please heed the warnings and destruction avoid,
You sound like well-fed, abuser's pet parrot,
Stop lying, stop twisting and not become unemployed;
Triangular Man - you bring shame to our Planet!

Written by good Mother.

Explanation of what Triangular Man looks like (no head basically, and fat downward):
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