Wednesday, May 02, 2007


You Should Be Worried

Declared "Quote of the Day" by Instapndit:
The problem is, they will outlaw almost everything while enforcing very little. Imprisonment by stealth. People will not know they are encircled until it is too late - like putting in all these very deep, robust fence-posts with no fence panels. All seems open. One day you will wake up and the panels are in, you are trapped and they can decide what law they wish to impose to nail whomsoever they desire.
"Enforcing very little" can be now seen in the illegal immigration fiasco. Yesterday, illegal immigrants marched to remind us how little our government in the form of George Bush and liberal Democrats care about the law or protecting and preserving our country for legal citizens and legal residents.

HR 1592 is being considered currently.
If enacted, the federal government would have authority to prosecute some violent bias-motivated crimes directed against individuals on the basis of their sexual orientation, gender-identity, gender or disability.
All this sounds very noble and honorable. "So are they all, all honorable men!" (and women)

Yevgeny Ivanovich Zamyatin wrote the novel "We" in 1921 warning us of totalitarian control by the government. Aldous Huxley followed with "Brave New World" in 1932. George Orwell presented us with "1984" in 1949. He may have been a few years off but his predictions seem to be coming true.

Currently "hate" crime laws supposedly are limited to increasing the prosecutorial powers and use of certain federal agencies for for crime where "hate" is involved. Of course, the intent is to create ever greater powers for special classes of people who some how deserve more "equal" (Orwell's "Animal Farm") protection under the law than others, especially white males. Just as I watched Lou Dobbs tonight and listened to a man make the ludicrous claim the anti-illegal immigration stand was racist, authorities will search for the slightest hint of "hate" when they wish.

Hate crime laws are one of the fence posts, my friend. Don't kid yourself as to the eventual goal: you toe their line or you pay the price. Politicians are a power hungry bunch and many want to have power over you.

I completely agree.

Citizenship has lost any meaning or value to our representatives. They believe they are better than we are. And they are so far removed from the effects of their failure in representing us that they never feel the pain of what they do against us. Starting with the fact they have made themselves immune to the laws they pass and do not even share the same retirement system as We the Little People.

They are allowed to get away with it because the average American is a pleasure-focused sheep who will go along with anything that might benefit them in the short term -- like saving $2/hr on having their grass cut by an illegal alien -- or does not personally hurt them right now.

Americans are digging our own grave. I spent 13 years in the military protecting my fellow citizens. Apparently my fellow citizens don't give a damn about me or their obligation to each other. What a fool I've been.
Incompetence is the fence posts. Luckily, they never will get the panels up because they won't have the approval to do it from their own offices.

As far as 'mind crimes,' determining intent and state of mind has been a keystone of our criminal justice system. Figuring out what was in a person's mind at the time of the crime is the differeence between first degree murder and the chair and manslaughter and 6-10 years.

We do this all the time.

As far as enforcing immigration laws, Georgia (and specifically Glynn County) has just stuck the foot in the mouth on this one, by holding a 23 year old Canadian tourist under anti-illegal immigration laws...again, enforcement is key.

Because we can write all the laws we want, if people don't enforce them correctly.
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