Monday, May 07, 2007


Will Feminists Rescue Strippers?

The Ohio Senate recently passed a bill putting strict limits on strippers and strip clubs. The restrictions placed include:
The bill, approved 24-8, prohibits sexually-oriented businesses from staying open between midnight and 6 a.m. Businesses with liquor licenses could stay open during those hours but could not offer sexually-oriented entertainment.

The bill also requires nude or semi-nude performers to be at least six feet away from customers on a stage at least two feet off the floor.

Also, the bill prohibits performers from touching customers or their clothing or touching anybody else who is nude while in the view of customers.

Source: Dayton Daily News
A strippers' group called "Dancers for Democracy" has help protests against the law. My question is "Where are the feminists?" Shouldn't they be supporting the strippers in opposition to this law?

A fundamental cornerstone of feminist thinking is "One of woman’s most basic freedoms is her right to control her own body..." Under such logic, dancing nude, semi-nude or even fully clothed in order to earn money should be considered a basic right by feminists. After all, a "woman’s most basic freedoms is her right to control her own body."

Somebody please call NOW and inform them of this threat to a woman's basic right. The legislation has yet to be passed by the Ohio House. There is still time!!

Maybe, the lack of support of strippers by feminists is because strippers give pleasure to men.

It's an interesting paradox.
The oldest profession is about turning female flesh into an object.
In the case of software, even Richard Stallman (of GPL fame) admits that the freedom to negate freedom must be constrained.

have you ever seen a female in a male strip club?

have you ever seen a male in female strip club?

check out the differences.

women laugh and giggle, and paw the male strippers.

men sit quietly, they dont touch, they are generally alone.

why is it right for one group to be demonised for the very same thing that the other group is applauded for.

it isnt about empowering women not anymore, its about demonising men.

men are the enemy of these kind of feminists. so anything that stops a man from enjoying himself, is fine by them, these feminists only see men as earners, and or to blame for every little thing a woman does.(unless it helps women, then women do it all themselves).

essentially they only want men as slaves, men arent entitled to any fun.
Men only behave that way in strip clubs because it is required. It is not the natural inclination.
then why arent the women held to the same requirements as men..

a story about this topic

**popular narrative about sex work, earnestly discussed in Women's Studies courses throughout the nation and represented in countless "I stripped my way through college!" memoirs, is that adult labor is automatically, and by definition, feminist.

The argument goes like this: By using sexual stereotypes professionally, by "owning" them (using them consciously), and by "subverting" them (choosing which stereotypes to exaggerate and which to discard), a sex-working woman is participating in a feminist reclamation of both personal and economic power. Her deliberate use of gender-drag turns wearing a g-string and gyrating on stage -- or behind glass -- from an act done merely to pay her rent into a strong, assured and transgressive statement more akin to political performance art. You can't objectify me -- I am objectifying myself, shrewdly and self-consciously, in order to obtain power through money, and control through being considered sexually desirable.

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