Sunday, May 20, 2007


Where Have All the Flowers Bees Gone?
And, Baby Turkey Sighting

I have read, primarily at Instapundit, about disappearing honey bees this year. Apparently, for some yet to be discovered reason, bees are disappearing. Many people are concerned about pollination of plants, etc. But, it turns out that 90% of pollination is performed by other insects, etc.

It is a curious phenomena. I can't say that I've seen a single honey bee this year although I spend a lot of time outside. I've planted flower gardens, a vegetable garden and mow my yard weekly. Weird. I'm not sure I've even seen a wasp or hornet either.

A sight I did get the pleasure of the other day was a wild turkey with about 10 chicks. Driving down a residential straight on the outskirts of Maysville, the car in front of me suddenly stopped. Perplexed, but being an extremely safe driver, I stopped also. First, I saw an adult wild turkey walk from in front of the other car. Then the chicks followed behind. They couldn't have been more that a few days old. As they walked into the grass on the other side of the roads, the chicks' heads barely raised above the blades of grass.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get my digital camera out in time to snap a picture. Judging from these pictures, I am correct in that the "poults," as it turns out they are called, are quite young. Quite a sight.

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