Wednesday, May 23, 2007



In my last post, I mentioned shmoos, fictional character in the Lil' Abner cartoon strips by Al Capp. Suddenly, shmoos are popping up every where. Instapundit linked to a post by Jonah Goldberg that contains the phrase "infinitely malleable shmoo."

Al Capp died in 1979. I can't remember the last time I heard someone use the word. One would certainly have to be pushing 40, at least, to remember shmoos. I'm 56 and had to look it up to remember the correct spelling. I can't help but wonder, if somehow, Goldberg got a whiff of my shmoo or is it just synchronicity?

Synchronicity! Though I don't know why. Push-me-pull-yous are similar. These things come and go. I'm a big fan of shmoos, though!! I always knew you were awesome.
Wow! Too much flattery, but thanks.

Shmoos and a lot of those other Al Capp characters were great.
When I read your original, as soon as I read the word 'shmoo', the theme from the 1979 cartoon 'The New Shmoo' started running through my head. How that theme stayed intact in my brain for so long is beyond me. I barely even remember watching the show.
I have no recollection of that show. But, then again, I was in graduate school in 1979. There wasn't much time for watching TV.
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