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Restaurateur Refuses O.J. Service

UPDATE: I heard Jeff Ruby interviewed on WLW radio today and saw him on the Nancy Grace show. O.J.'s attorney is claiming racism and threatening to sue. The catch is that 5 minutes after O.J. left Ruby seated Michael Jordan with a party of 30 in the same room O.J. had just vacated. It seems a lot of people applaud Ruby's actions as much as I do.
O.J. Simpson visited Louisville, KY this past weekend for the Kentucky Derby. Not everyone was glad to see him. Jeff Ruby, owner of the steakhouse Jeff Ruby’s Louisville, refused service to Simpson and his party of 10 - 12 people.
Told by a customer that the former football player had arrived at the restaurant, 325 W. Main St., Ruby said, he informed Simpson, “I am not serving you.”

“He had a party of 10 or 12 people,” said Ruby, who had served Simpson many times at his Cincinnati restaurants before the 1994 murders of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman, of which Simpson was acquitted.

Ruby was offended by the attempted publishing last fall of Simpson’s book, “O.J. Simpson: If I Did It, Here’s How It Happened,” and the television interviews scheduled to go with it, all of which were canceled after negative public reaction.

“He continues to torture the lives of the families whose lives he’s ruined,” said Ruby, who pointed out that Simpson has not paid the $33.5 million he owes the Goldman family after being found “criminally liable” in a civil suit.

“This was the only thing I could do for the victims’ families,” said Ruby. He said the 50 or so people in the private room where Simpson had been seated “stood up and applauded me” when Simpson left.
Mr. Ruby owns 5 or 6 restaurants in the Cincinnati area. All are expensive but worth it establishments. He is most well known restaurateur in Cincinnati and is well respected.

I applaud Mr. Ruby, also.

Finally a man with convictions. I completely understand Ruby's actions and I applaud his integrity. I, too, get sickened by just seeing Simpson's ugly puss on TV or on line.

To Simpson's lawyer: Good luck pal. If that state is anything like my home state, liquor licensees have the right to refuse service to anyone.
Another dickhead claiming 'racism.' It's such a convenient device. What is Simpson's lawyer alleging, that Ruby doesn't serve blacks? Preposterous.
A guilty man would never allow his trial to be made public. Further, I don’t know how in the heck people can conclude or hold him guilty after all this case was tried in the media, and the evidence and the jury found him not guilty. This BS regarding not guilty but not innocent is just that BS. Never prior to this case was this ever brought up regarding a juries verdict. I would suggest that you have the families of Nicole and Ron set up a live tv UNEDITED meeting with James Van Praagh, John Edwards and Lisa Williams to speak with the deceased relatives. I trust them to communicate the truth to the world! I bet none of the family members after capitalizing off a lie would be willing to do this! James, John and Lisa have the god given ability to expose the deceit of what these family members have done in the name of media attention and money! I BET THEY WOULD NOT CONSENT TO A PUBLIC AIRING OF THESE MEETING! I BET THEY WOULD NOT….JUST ASK THEM. THE ANSWER WILL BE NO! The scripture state that there is nothing hid that will not be revealed.

What will you do when you find out that OJ was really really innocent and the hell you took him though?

You see the families love to get in the limelight to bring attention to their finances but are not willing to meet on air with those who can really reveal what really happened. Millions upon millions NOW KNOW there is something to these psychics and that it is not phony bolonie.
I commend Mr. Ruby for sticking up for his convinctions. I only wished I could be in a situations that I could show the world how I feel about Mr. Simpson. I will definitely support Mr. Ruby and his resturants whenever the occasion arises. God bless you, Mr. Ruby. I am sure the LORD will remember your actions when you stand before the pearly gates ;>)
why, if i could "CLAP" right now, i'd give it to o.j.!

no, really - i'd give him the clap...

Lord, forgive me...

WAY TO GO, MR. RUBY!!!!!!!!!!!
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