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Memorial Day - Never Forget

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Never forget the sacrifice of those who gave their lives or a portion of their lives so that we can enjoy "blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity..." Band of Brothers has been playing on the History Channel all morning. For an excellent of the experiences of Easy Company in WWII, watch it.

During Memorial Day holidays, I think of people I know or knew that served us. One fellow that comes to mind is Dan. I don't know Dan's last name. I first met him 10 years ago in a Tae Kwondo class at the local YMCA. Dan and his daughter were in the class. Dan has two beautiful daughters. The one is now grown but the other is in my youngest daughter's grade, going into the 6th.

When Dan and I run into each other we always speak and exchange a little small talk. Last time I spoke to him he was in between tours in Iraq as a reservist. Yes, Dan made it back just fine. I've seen his wife since. I'm struck by the sacrifice and risk guys like Dan make. Ordinary, unassuming guys who risk it all. These are the guys on which the strength of our country stands. Not rich, smooth talking politicians, not generals, pundits, journalists or "activists" but those everyday guys and gals who go out and do what mush be done and sometime pay the ultimate sacrifice.

Thanks, Dan and all you others that I've never met and never will.

UPDATE: During the cooler hours of early evening I decided to change the oil in my car. This process involved rummaging around in my garage for the proper tools and a catch pan for the old oil. While doing this I scared up a mouse. Since my garage is detached from my house, I wasn't too concerned, it's nothing like hearing the word "uterus," but decided to do a little checking after I changed the oil.

One box with some random memorabilia seemed a likely place for mice to be hiding. I decided to transfer the contents from it to a plastic, mouse proof container. While doing so I came across an old newspaper clipping from my high school days. The date wasn't on the portion cut out but I know it was May, 1968. The clipping was the announcement of the death of Alvin E. Wiles in Vietnam.

Alvin was a friend of my older sister. We knew him as "Goot." I have no idea where that moniker originated. Goot would be over to our house at times with her other friends. I probably saw him no more than a dozen times but he was always friendly and accepting to my sister's little brother, me. I admired my sister's male friends and lusted after her female friends. Goot was one cool guy in my book.

How completely ironic that I would come across this clipping on Memorial Day. I've kept it nearly 40 years. I'll keep it 40 more if I live that long.

Yes, we do remember. Sometimes because we have no choice.

thxc for this post... my Dad and father-in-law where both vets of WWII.
I Can tell you without a doubt I do not have what it takes to do the job as a combat soldier.
I salute them. Many say if you are put in that position you do the same thing, respond. That is a noble thing to say till the bullets start fly'n.

Any hoo - thank you to those that serve.

fyi also -as this is the only way I know how to leave you a message.
Is there something I need to do technically to be one of your links?
my site .
ALso have your site linked on mine.
Let me know if I just am not doing something that needs to get 'er done.

A Regular Guy
Yeah, you right. So far, all the friends I know that went are back from Iraq, for which I am forever grateful. Some of my uncle's friends never made it back from Vietnam, and some of my grandfathers' friends never made it back from the Pacific. My old boss was a vetran from Tet to the 100 hours war, and my life is a better life from knowing him.

Here's to all them who do what needs to be done.
Regular Guy - I've added you. I'm just kinda slow sometimes. I like your Jackie Gleason pix. The Honeymooners were the prototype for many situation comedies that followed.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Patrick - Vietnam was a horrible war that I strongly disagreed with but I have the utmost respect and reverence for those that served. I'm adding another thought tonight that involves Vietnam.
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