Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Protection, Pork and Political Correctness

jau at just muttering linked to an article by Richard Lowry regarding the Virginia Tech massacre. (I know this is past the news cycle, which is unfortunate. But bear with me.) jau made this observation:
Part of what struck me is his point that because the system neglected to follow through on Cho's court-ordered treatment, it failed those who were killed (obviously) but also the isolated, lonely, angry man himself. Hard though it is to think empathetically about him, it is worth noting that the laxness and/or unwillingness of the professionals and administrators to do anything about what they knew and saw...
Unfortunately, it is also true that if he had written racial slurs instead of violent imagery, he would have been hauled right out of there.
Cho absolutely would have been hauled out if he "had written slurs."

The incident of the 14 year old boy and the hateful ham illustrates this point quite well. A harmless, but offensive and tasteless prank brings the weight of the world down on a middle school student. But, obvious violent ideation by an adult, so severe that is scares nearly everyone with whom he has contact, is overlooked. Political correctness destroys lives in many ways.

but he wouldnt have been arrested, why, because he was a minority himself, it seems to me that most of the anti hate legislation is biased against the anglo saxon people. (and male anglo saxons most of all). you have black history month, ok i dont have a problem, what about white history month, (ah but you cant have that as its racist). the worst racists i know are people from ethnic minorities. yet they get away with it
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