Thursday, April 05, 2007


A CEO Speaks Out On Global Warming

PsychoPhil carried the link to this article by Alicia Colon on a CEO, Bob Murray, founder and CEO of Murray Energy Corporation, who blasts the global warming myth makers.

On Al Gore:
He is not joking when he says, "He is more dangerous than his global warming."
And here is one of the best damn paragraphs I've ever read.
"Some wealthy elitists in our country," he told the audience, "who cannot tell fact from fiction, can afford an Olympian detachment from the impacts of draconian climate change policy. For them, the jobs and dreams destroyed as a result will be nothing more than statistics and the cares of other people. These consequences are abstractions to them, but they are not to me, as I can name many of the thousands of the American citizens whose lives will be destroyed by these elitists' ill-conceived ‘global goofiness' campaigns."
I'm jealous of Mr. Murray's way with words.

Sure, Mr. Murray is not an objective bystander. But, none of us are. And, it does not make any of his words less true. Just look at the lifestyles and residences of Al Gore, John Edwards, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and innumerable other rich global warming alarmists.

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