Friday, April 27, 2007


Are Universities Learning From the Virginia Tech Massacre

After the Virginia Tech massacre, we heard lots of discussion on campus safety, response times and notifying students of threats. How well are universities responding to this harsh lesson? If you take the example of the University of Cincinnati this week, the answer is "not very well."

On Monday, April 23, a 38 year old graduate student at the University of Cincinnati threatened to "outdo the massacre at Virginia Tech..."
"If you think Virginia Tech was something, wait till I come up there," Karsten Taylor allegedly told a UC adviser in a phone call Monday, according to a complaint filed in Hamilton County Municipal Court.

UC police arrested Taylor on Wednesday.
The adviser reported the incident Monday. UC police waited for Taylor to show up for a 10 a.m. class Wednesday - but when he didn't, they tracked him to an off-campus location and arrested him, Patterson said.
The incident was reported Monday. No arrest until Wednesday.

It appears the UC police made no serious attempt to locate Mr. Taylor until Wednesday. Their first attempt consisted of a lame, we'll just catch him when he comes to class.

When Mr. Taylor didn't show for class, the UC police finally decided to actually go out and find him, which they apparently did with little trouble. But there was somewhere between a day and a half and two days between the time of being informed of the incident and actually apprehending Mr. Taylor. Pretty poor.

What about notifying the students? The university's performance was not any better.
Charges were not filed until Wednesday, the same day that students were notified by e-mail that threats had been made on campus.
The threats were made Monday. Students were not notified until Wednesday. I sent an email to the student newspaper at UC and they responded that the notification was sent out Wednesday morning, April 25, shortly after 9:00 AM.

So much for informing students quickly.

Fortunately, probably less than 1 threat of this type in a 1000 actually reaches fruition. But, if universities are going to get serious about campus safety, they're going to have to get serious about campus safety.

Exactly why I have no desire to rely on The Administration for any part of my safety.

The more people exercise their rights to carry concealed firearms, the safer people will be. What fool -- even semi-suicidal -- is going to start something when it's likely there's someone with 9mm nearby?!

Remeber that armed students at Appalachian School of Law in Grundy, Virginia, subdued a shooter in 2002.

It's key to note that as soon as Mikael Gross and Tracy Bridges aimed pistols at the shooter, he dropped his weapon.
put MORE buns in the hands of potentially dangerous students, who may have the same problems as the virginia tech shooter, then more people will use them, more cross fire, and who else will be shot.

cho just ticked a box saying he had no mental problem. is that good enough.

oh look give all students guns, and the nutters will have more guns, and kill all, maybe by sniper, or sarin gas,

yes more guns in the hands of potential nutters, potential mass murderers, is the answer.
I have to go with father of four, which I am also. Those nuts can get guns, knives, etc. already. My children deserve the right to protect themselves from those nuts.

My oldest son will probably go to UC next year. They have problems besides crazy students. Local hoods prey on the students also. One student was shot by a local drug dealer recently because the student wouldn't let the dealer use his cellphone. Fortunately, the student's injuries weren't serious.
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